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Leader`s Speech

Leader`s Speech


Dear customers and friends,

Welcome to visit the website of Shandong HUACHENG Group! I hereby sincerely thank new and old customers, friends from all walks of life, and colleagues caring and supporting Shandong HUACHENG Group, on behalf of all staff of the company.

In today with high-speed economic development, network information not only provides wider space for everybody but also brings unprecedented opportunities for enterprise development. I heartily hope that such window can become a bridge for strengthening communication between Shandong HUACHENG Group and colleagues from the world, to promote friendship and to gain joint development.

Looking forward to the future, we will insist in the concept that “serve sincerely, smile everywhere” as always and the principle that “behave honestly, and handle affairs with integrity”. Integrity is the foundation for our development, basic norm for us to work together, and character of Shandong HUACHENG Group.

We don’t seek undeserved reputations, getting right on the job and having the courage to struggle. We hope to make friends around the world with the link of network and to strengthen cooperation and communication between customers and Shandong HUACHENG Group through network. We will create competitive products with sincere services and excellent quality. Shandong HUACHENG Group will create a better future together with you. We believe that we will create glories through solidarity and cooperation with you.


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Website: www.hcjt.cc

Address: 299# Guojing Road, Boshanxi, Zibo City, Shandong Province
Zip code: 255200


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