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Shandong HUACHENG Group is a large-scale enterprise group combining R&D, production, and sales of vacuum pumps, slurry pumps, engine connecting rod reducers, and speed increasers as a whole. The group manages some companies, including Zibo Water-ring Vacuum Pump Factory Co., Ltd., Zibo HUACHENG Pump Industry Co., Ltd., Zibo BOSHAN HUACHENG Forging and Stamping Co., Ltd., and Shandong HUACHENG Sino-Germany Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. (a Sino-Germany Joint-venture). The company is a key high-tech enterprise in China, management progress enterprise in Chinese engineering industry, Shandong high and new-tech enterprise, Shandong contract-observing and promise-keeping enterprise, and Shandong energy-saving and environmental-protection demonstration enterprise. The company is equipped with the unique Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technological Research Center and Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in Shandong. In addition, “HUACHENG” has been affirmed as China Famous Brand by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

Since 2003, output and sales volume of water-ring vacuum pump products manufactured by the company have been in the first place in the same industry in China for continuous nine years. Products are widely used in coal, papermaking, metallurgy, light industry, pharmacy, and chemical engineering. The company has presided over the drafting of five national industry standards, and independently researched and manufactured ultra-large water-ring vacuum pumps of eight specifications through scientific and technological innovation, to fill up international blanks, whose technical indicators are in international advanced level. 2BEC130 ultra-large water-ring vacuum pumps designed and manufactured by the company have been successfully applied in Sichuan Mianyang National Defense Wind Tunnel Icing Test and simulation test of Southwest Jiaotong University on high speed trains passing through tunnels. At present, the company is researching ultra-large vacuum facilities for carrying rockets in China, and such facilities are applied in Chinese unique projects.

The company aims at like products with internationally highest level, in accordance with promotion plan of equipment manufacturing industry and development direction of national new energy strategy. The company has invested RMB 1.68 billon Yuan in precision reducers and step-up gear boxes. The company has brought in the most advanced devices, including HOFLER CNC forming gear grinding machines (the first brand around the world), Germany Green Berg Gear Testing Center, AICHELIN multi-function thermal treatment production lines, Gleason spiral bevel gear grinding machine, Mitsubishi processing center, and Mori Seiki boring-mill processing center, to guarantee products’ requirements for precision, to develop and to manufacture various transmission devices and step-up gear boxes, and to occupy industry commanding height.

Such projects meet national industrial policies and leading products have achieved world-class level, participating in international competition representing the most advanced level in the same industry in China and filling domestic blanks. Project products are large in demand, wide in market, and leading in technology. After commission, it can produce 20,000 transmission devices and 2,000 step-up gear boxes every year, with RMB 6 billion Yuan of sales revenue, RMB 1.6 billion Yuan of profits and taxes, and 500mu of project planning area.

Project implementation has marched forward a solid step for promoting technological level of Chinese reduction boxes and laid sold foundation for promoting Chinese equipment manufacturing industry. During “the 12th Five-year Plan”, HUACHENG Group will make new and greater contributions to revitalizing national industry and promoting economic and regional development, with the objective that “build affluent HUACHENG, bring Billion Industry”.



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